No matter where we call home, our hearts are always in love with beloved little Gambia. We may spend decades in Europe or America or Asia but our Gambia and our families are always within our heart.

The lucky ones among us have very long arms that reach across the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to give a helping hand to our families and friends back home.

We send money for food. We send money for electricity and water. We send money, so our people can communicate and keep up with what’s going on around them.

Technology is playing an important role in allowing us to live far and yet remain close to our families.

The days of recording messages on cassette tapes and sending it through a friend are replaced by instant voice notes delivered in near real time!

Imagine if you can buy credit for your loved one but at the same time feed someone, pay for a child’s education or pay for someone’s medical bill! Well, you can! You do it by cutting the middle man in Europe who gets a cut every time you buy credit for your loved one.

That money the European gets stays in Europe. It’s time to take it back home.

Dimbaya will be helping you send credit to your loved ones while also paying the tuition of a child or putting food on someone’s table.

How you wonder? I just told you.

They’ll be working directly with street vendors who line the dusty roads selling credit. Once registered with Dimbaya, the middle man in Europe will be bypassed and what was supposed to stay in Europe comes to the vendor in The Gambia!

So if you want to kill the two birds with one stone, visit our website and let us know your thoughts. Together, we will build a better Gambia!