Are you an African living overseas who still holds or wishes to maintain strong ties to the motherland? Do you have family at home in Africa that you are responsible for? Many Africans living abroad are not aware that they can still take care of their families without being there physically.

Most resort to sending money back home to their families or loved ones to help them buy necessities and pay bills, which is quite commendable.

But the world has truly become a global village. And so, in addition to sending money to your family, you can pay some crucial bills such as electricity and mobile top-up.

 In fact, you can also purchase some items, such as foodstuff and building materials, on their behalf right from the comfort of your home abroad, and get them delivered right at their doorstep. There are several prepaid services that allow you achieve just this, and Dimbaya is your plug.


 Here are 4 ways to care for your family and loved ones in Africa without moving a step.


Mobile Top-Up

Mobile top-ups are well-appreciated gifts for Family and Friends, and you can pay for these online from the comfort of your own home. This way, your family members need not go out to buy recharge cards for their phones. 


Wondering how to send Mobile airtime to Africa? No worries! Dimbaya is here to ease your stress. Dimbaya is an affordable Mobile Top-up platform to help you and other members of the African Diaspora stay closely connected with your loved ones living in Africa



Bill Payment

You can pay the bills of your loved ones in Africa all the way from overseas. One major amenity that is necessary for comfort at home is electricity. Electricity ensures that food is cooked and preserved, laundry is done, air conditioning is in place and the family is kept entertained.

Through Dimbaya, you can pay the prepaid electricity bill online for your family members in Africa from wherever you are in the world. Prepaid services like Dimbaya and the like let you to buy electricity using your credit card as long as you have the meter number. The electricity token number to be entered into the meter will then be sent to your family via SMS.


Food Suppliers

You can buy food through our local vendors on Dimbaya and have them delivered to your loved ones in Africa. Oil, rice, beans, sugar, milk and other staple provisions and ingredients can be delivered right at your family’s doorstep.


Building Materials

Do you want to build a house at home in Africa? Perhaps you desire to build a house for your parents or other relatives. What greater gift for African parents? Or maybe you would like to own a house at home to come back to. You can do the buying of your own building materials from abroad! Cement, gravel, iron rods, blocks, sand, wood, as well as doors, windows and other fittings and fixtures can be purchased online to be used in Africa to build your house.

Through Dimbaya, you can give back to the people that are largely responsible for who you have become. Never forget that no matter how far you go, you only stay grounded when you frequently trace your roots back to Africa. And you can do this without even moving a step!