You know you’re an African when you read this and say  “e no funny abeg”.  Seriously! If you can’t relate with any of these African jokes, then, you need to ask if you are African.

You might as well fall from your seat when you see the corresponding faces to these African memes.  Forget that we call them African jokes, they’re real African experiences.

So, where are my Africans brothers and sisters or anyone that can catch the joke? Let’s gather here.  If you dey for any of the tables wey we dey ready to shake, just raise your hands and read on.

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You know you´re African when….

  1. Half the things you´ve packed to travel are not for you.
  1. Your Parents tell you to get in the car because they´re leaving but they talk to people for another 30 minutes
  1. It doesn´t matter what your country´s constitution says, in your house you have no freedom of speech
  1. Answering your parents with “WHAT! is like cursing
  1. Everyone looks at you at the intro of Lion King
  1. In “world history story” Class, The history of Europe takes up half of the textbook and is several chapters long. While the entire history of Africa is a 12-page long chapter
  1. The Party starts at 4pm and you arrive at 11pm
  1. Talking to an African on the Phone ” Ok my name is ACHUNAIFEUWANIKE. LET ME SPELL THAT FOR. A – For Apple  C – For CAT  H – For HOUSE  U- For UNIVERSITY
  1. When you were a young girl your parents expected you to know how to cook or else no man would marry you
  1. It´s perfectly okay to show up to one´s house without notice and expect to be fed
  1. People look at you like an alien when you speak your language in public
  1. When people ask questions like, how did you parents come over here if there are no planes in Africa
  1. Do you speak like *Makes Clicking Noises*?
  1. Explaining that Africa is a continent, not a country
  1. You wake up late and your parents slow you even more so they could yell and lecture you about the days when they had to wake up at 5am to do chores.
  1. An African call your house and your Dad picks up phone, EHHHH MA BRODA
  1. You got a B on your report card? so you want to end up homeless on the street
  1. When people ask you, how did you get to Europe?
  1. Everyone older than you is “auntie” or “uncle”
  1. No one can understand your parents over the phone
  1. You´ve been asked if you used to own a lion
  1. The only majors your parents will support you in is medicine, law or engineering
  1. Trying to play it cool when your friends ask you dumb questions about Africa
  1. That awkward moment when you don´t know whether you should bow, kneel, shake hands, or do all three when greetings an elder.
  1. Going to a university is not optional
  1. Everything always relates back to school; you are eating all this junk food. Eh-hehh, that’s why you are failing your studies
  1. You ask your parents for a ride to school and they tell you they used to walk 5 miles uphill to school and 5 miles uphill back, so you can walk too.
  2. When you get to church at 8am and close at 5pm
  1. You´re the youngest so you get the smallest meat in the pot.
  1. Your parents threaten to give you a “dirty slap” if you misbehave.
  1. When you tell people you´re from Africa and they ask you, can you speak African? What!!?

If you can relate to this, please add yours in the comments.